The PS4 Pro is one of the hottest consoles in gaming. With this also comes a high price tag for the item. So if you don’t have the money or simply want to pay it off over time, you do have catalogues and sites which allow you the opportunity to do so. If you are ready to order, and don’t want to pay the full purchase price up front, consider some of these sites which offer different repayment options and credit financing options for you to consider.

ps4 pro

1. Game –
A dedicated gaming site makes this a premier option for those who want to finance their ps4 when purchasing it. All that is required is that the applicant is 18 or older, have a permanent residence in the UK, and can show proof of income. Of course interest rates and repayment terms will vary based on credit history and ability to repay. So before you purchase, consider this site to see what you qualify for, and the repayment terms which are offered to you when buying your new gaming system.

2. Argos –
If you want to buy from a reputable catalogue, this is a good option to consider. They do offer interest free repayment options, up to 12 months on certain items when ordering high priced items. You don’t have to put down a down payment, and interest is going to accrue once the interest free term expires.

3. Very –
This is also a great site offering different price points for your PS4 Pro. Customers can also save 20% or more on their first order, so if you are a new applicant, you can reduce the price of your new gaming system even more if it is the first order you are going to place on their site. They offer bundled packages including controllers and other accessories as well. Repayment options and terms vary for each customer, so if you are ready to buy, this is a good site to apply for credit with, to see what you are approved for, and what repayment terms are available for you.

Every customer is going to receive different options when it comes to financing their gaming system. With the new PS4 Pro, these are a few catalogues to consider purchasing your gaming system from. Financing terms, repayment terms, and interest rates are reasonable, and for some customers, you won’t pay anything if you repay the full purchase price within the interest freer repayment window.

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