Many catalogue credit providers online and offline do credit checks as a way of screening applicants. In light of this, most people who have bad credit history may find it relatively harder to get catalogue credit approved. But then again, there are some ways for you to explore in order to shop using catalogue credit even if your credit history is relatively bad.

What Is Credit Catalogue Shopping?
Catalogue credit shopping allows consumers to acquire goods without necessarily having to pay upfront or on the spot. The idea here is based on one simple thing. At times you may need something urgently but your financial situation at that particular moment is not good. A credit catalogue allows you to acquire the goods and spread the payments over time. For example, if you are planning to get a new Sofa, a catalogue credit provider will finance the purchase and you can then pay off the money by making small monthly or weekly payments until its fully settled. Catalogue credit allows you to buy what you need anytime and any day.

Catalogue Credit For People with Bad Credit History
In case you have a bad credit score there are a few things that can really improve your chances of getting approved for catalogue credit. The most important thing to remember is that credit history is used to gauge risk and there are other factors that could also play the same role. Well, here are some of them:

Good Income
If you make a reasonably good amount of money each month then you are likely to get approved for catalogue credit even if you don’t have a good credit history. After all, steady income makes it easier for you to clear up the payments each month or week without any problems. To this effect, catalogue credit providers will want to see your bank statements over 12 or 6 months just to be sure you have enough income.

Special Deals
Even though catalogue credit providers are exclusively targeting people who have good credit history, there are specialised products that are extended to people with bad credit scores. Not all providers have such products and as such, it is important to do your search carefully in order to know which providers offer solutions for people with bad credit and the ones that don’t.

Catalogue credit is a great way of buying household items and other consumer goods on a budget and the tips above should help you find great catalogue credit options in the UK.

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