Fridges & Freezers on Finance

Fridges & Freezers are something that every household must have. From time to time they may need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear. However, no one can plan when their fridges & freezers are going to give out on them and usually it happens during a time when the full amount of money required is not available.

fridges on credit

The good news is if this is the case you can get fridges & freezers on credit from stores such as Littlewoods and the Pay Weekly Store. This way you have the fridge/freezer that you need when you need it and are allowed to pay the balance off over a period of time. This article is going to explain the difference between the finance options available at Littlewoods and Pay Weekly Store.

When you finance fridges & freezers via Littlewoods expect to have to undergo a credit check as well as meet other standards that they have in place. Even if your credit rating is not perfect they still encourage you to apply because you never know you may just be approved. The big plus with Littlewoods is that they offer interest free periods dependent on the price of the item.

When you finance a fridge or freezer via Pay Weekly Store you will be eligible to get approved without having to do a credit check. However, since no credit check is involved you can expect to pay a deposit regardless of your credit rating, pay a higher interest rate, and not have your timely payments reported to the credit agencies.

Credit Deals on Fridges and Freezers


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