Whether buying gas or electric, you want to invest in a high quality cooker for your kitchen. For this reason, you are going to pay a little more when you choose the top manufacturer name brands, and the option to finance the purchase is a good way to go about buying the best cooker, without having to pay the full price up front. With this in mind, there are a few catalogues offering interest free financing, these are a few places to shop if you want to forego the high interest rates on this purchase.


Littlewoods –
Interest free on orders of £249 or higher. You can pay the purchase down over a period of 52 weeks, or a 12 equal payment option (weekly or monthly options available). The site offers free shipping and next day delivery, as well as free set up in the home. If for any reason it doesn’t fit or you are unhappy you can also send the machine back for no additional cost.

Appliance depot –
Interest free options for 12 or 6 month repayments, with equal payments made on a monthly basis. Depending on the order total, customers can pay off the purchase price over an extended period of time. No deposit is required at the time of purchase, and the first bill will be received after the cooker is delivered and installed in the home.

Appliances direct –
6 months interest free on purchases of £249 or higher, and 12 months on orders of £400 or higher, allow you to buy the best available cooker, and make small equal monthly payments without incurring interest charges on your account. Customers do not pay for the shipping, and the installation of your new cooker is also included in the price you pay for the purchase with the online catalogue. No deposits are required at the time of purchase with this site either.

You have options when it comes to buying a new cooker for your home; with this in mind,you shouldn’t skimp on quality simply to save a little money. Especially with interest free repayment options, you can get far more, at a very reasonable weekly or monthly rate when you shop with these catalogues. Add in free delivery, installation, and returns if you are not happy with your new cooker, and you will find these to be some of the best purchase options available when investing in new appliances for your home.

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