There are many negatives of home shopping catalogues despite the fact that they are very popular among many people in the UK. Many people argue that the process is simple as what you have to do is flip through a catalogue, choose the items you want and make an order. However, there is more than that and if you aren’t careful, you may end up paying a greater cost. Here are the main negatives:-

Colours displayed in the home shopping catalogue may not be true. This makes it very difficult to match with other items in your wardrobe. You may order your favourite colour only to get the colour you hate most. Furthermore, there is no way to determine whether the colour will fade after some time.

You cannot also try on clothing and find out whether they are fitting. You really have no option but to trust everything in the catalogue, including the size. With a catalogue, it is difficult to determine whether the designs and styles are flattering. You have no option of feeling the item before purchasing. It is also a very expensive method of shopping as you are required to cater for all shipping expenses.

Designing the catalogue is also expensive and in most cases this costs is reflected on the price of the items. This method of shopping doesn’t allow you to bargain. You have to purchase the item at the price reflected on the catalogue.

Sometimes the information on the catalogue may not be enough to enable you make an informed decision. Sometimes the information in the catalogue may be arranged in a confusing way. Important information, such as the item’s care requirements, may be missing from the home shopping catalogue.

It is also impossible to judge the quality of the items from their pictures. Sellers display enhanced pictures that are attractive to your eyes to tempt you into buying things you may not have planned to purchase. The safety of the items cannot also be determined from a home shopping catalogue.

Catalogues do not give you a wide variety of items to select from. The seller displays only what they think are best for you depending on their taste, and not yours. This is not the case when shopping from the shelves where you have thousands of items to choose from.

Just like aforementioned, there are countless negatives of home shopping catalogues. Such negatives in most cases far much outnumbers the positives. You should always consider these negatives before rushing into these catalogues.

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