3D TVs are premium quality HDTVs that promote great flexibility while viewing. It addition to regular content, you can enjoy watching 3D Blu-ray movies, 3D Video Games, a 3D TV programming.

3D TVs form the cutting edge of your home entertainment and make watching TV a totally enjoyable experience.

Now, 3D TVs have a high price tag on them as some even reach the £2000 mark. You might find it difficult to spend all that money in one go. Paying in instalments either weekly or monthly seems like a good option.

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If you are wondering where to pay weekly on a 3D TV, you can check out various online store that offers the TVs in weekly instalments. Some of these stores even offer interest-free periods up to one year. If you pay high amounts every week, you will be able to make the full payment sooner and probably stay within the interest-free period. These stores include;

Argos is an online store that sells a wide range of TVs, including 3D TVs. The interest rate is reasonable and the fact that you are paying on a weekly basis is convenient especially if you are low on cash. The store gives you the option to buy now and pay later.

On the Littlewoods online store, you can select your favourite 3D TV and pay later on. If you cannot afford to make the full payment all at once, you can spread the cost of the TV over a number of weeks or even months to suit your budget.You can select from a wide range of sizes and even brands. The interest rates for 3D TVs a low, which subsequently lowers the full cost.

PC World
At PC World, you can purchase a 3D TV and choose how to pay for it. You can choose to pay for the TV on a weekly or monthly basis. If you go for a weekly rate, you can pay around £10 pounds a week for between 30 and 42 weeks, depending on the price of your item of choice. The 3D TVs offered on this store can be affordable and the interest rates on instalment payments are quite reasonable.

Let your family enjoy the amazing viewing experience offered by 3D TV and enjoy the great convenience of paying in small instalments. The good news is that you can even buy the TV without the seller checking your credit score.

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