Gaming laptops are increasing in popularity as more people not only play video games, but also get together with their friends to play them. For example, if one person has a LAN party their guests can’t exactly haul a desktop computer to their house, but they can tote their gaming laptop.

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PC Magazine has named their picks for the top 10 gaming laptops on the market today. Each one provides users with a high-speed computer that supports excellent graphics, enhancing the excitement of the game.

Top Gaming Laptops
PC Magazine chose gaming laptops that are top of the line and gaming laptops that are more affordable for people on a budget as part of their top 10 list. While the cheaper priced laptops don’t boast the best performance standards, they are good enough to easily play a video game on.

One of these is the Asus G75VW-DH72, which they admit cannot support the most impressive graphics. This gaming laptop is equipped with Windows 8 and boasts a 10GB RAM. While it is not the best laptop for gaming, it is one of the most affordable. This model comes in at slightly under 1339.2 pounds, which is fairly cheap for a gaming laptop.

The Origin EON17- SLX is the highest end gaming laptop to make PC Magazine’s list. At over 2676.8 pounds it is by far the most expensive, but the best gaming laptop a person can own. Shelling out for this particular laptop will get gamers a laptop with all the latest technology and an extremely fast processor. This laptop supports the best graphics players will ever see in a video game.

Purchasing Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops can be purchased from many stores, but most people go to or Ebay to purchase this type of laptop. At any given time both stores usually have a wide selection of gaming laptops in all price ranges.

Amazon gives specific details about each laptop and provides gamers with the information they need to make the right purchase. Customer reviews are also included for most products so consumers can make an informed decision before settling on the gaming laptop they wish to order.

Finding an affordable gaming laptop can be done regardless of a person’s budget. Hard core gamers will likely want to spend more money on their laptop than more casual video game players would. Gaming laptops are becoming a huge form of entertainment.

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