LED, LCD & Plasma TV’s on Finance

A TV is an essential household item for most households. However, a good quality one can cost a pretty penny unless you buy a tv on finance from a credit catalogue. Stores such as Argos, Lookagain and Pay Weekly Store have started allowing their customers to get the televisions that they desire on finance. However, each of the stores policies is different and will be explained further in this article.

LG TV on finance

Argos is one of the largest stores that has an buy now pay later program which allows customers to get a TV when they want it and pay for it later. This is a form of TV financing. However, to be approved for this program one must first have a credit check run. Even if your credit is not the best you are still eligible to apply and may even possibly be approved.

Lookagain are a UK catalogue which are part of the Freemans group. They specialise in all sorts of products including fashion, electricals, appliances and furniture. As such they have a large range of TV’s to choose from, all of which can bought on a pay monthly basis using their buy now pay later option. They will credit check you however, they have much higher acceptance rates than Argos.

Pay Weekly Store is another store that sells televisions that allows their customers to get the TV when they want it and pay off the balance on a weekly basic. However, they differ from Argos because they do not require their customers to undergo a credit check. So, regardless of your credit situation you can qualify for their pay weekly program as long as you are able to meet their other requirements.

Which Is Better?
When it comes to choosing the store for you, Argos or Lookagain are the best options if you are approved for their financing program. This is because they will be reporting your payment history to the major credit reporting agencies which will benefit you when you want financing on other items, such as cars and insurance. Pay Weekly Store should only be used as a last alternative if you find yourself being refused elsewhere.

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