Stunning design and exemplary workmanship may be some of the things you are looking for in furniture, but each piece has a function that outweighs all else. Take the dining table for instance; it is a piece of furniture that connects the whole family. It is the place where the whole family can meet after a long day and enjoy each others’ company.

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It is possible to get dining furniture with elegance and style without having to break the bank. The process is seamless and the furniture exquisite. Here are a few suggestions on where you could get interest free dining tables easy and fast:

1. Sterling furniture
Sterling furniture is a brand that has perfected its own way of furniture making with exceptional quality and taste. The varieties range from contemporary designs to the more traditional ones. Each has a twist that makes it authentically Sterling.
The furniture maker offers furniture at interest free credit and the process is simple and easy. You choose what amount you want to pay as deposit albeit with a minimum amount of 10%. The store offers interest free credit for purchases of over £501, which can be paid in a span of 3 years or less.

2. John Lewis
From design furniture to hardwood floors, John Lewis has it all. The furniture maker has a lot of first-rate designs to choose from and what’s more there is an offer for interest free credit to help you shoulder the expenses. John Lewis offers credit for purchases over £1000. Payments are made within a year with a 10% initial deposit. The time limit for furniture ranging from £2000-3000, the payments can be made over a period of up to 2 years.

3. Oak Furniture Land
There is a wide selection of designs and the choice to customise your dining set with 10,000+ combinations to choose from. Oak Furniture Land has made getting your desired dining table much easier since there is no deposit needed. You simply look through the selection and find something you like, fill in the simple form and get your furniture if you meet the criteria.
Here, getting your desired dining table is hassle free as you can spread your payments over a 4 year time period. Oak Furniture Land offers interest free credit from £3500, anything below that comes with a 9.9% APR charge.

Interest free credit is a good way to buy new furniture and get the old, rickety pieces out. As for a dining table, you can’t miss something that appeals to you and suits your payment options among these 3 furniture makers.

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